Usain Bolt Bumps Into HuffPost UK Social Media Editor At The Dentists'

There are few things more boring than a trip to the the dentist's, however Huffington Post UK's social media editor Chris York was astonished to find himself in the same room as the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt.

Yes, the hirsute Chris York, on his day off, couldn't believe his luck when he discovered Bolt was in the same vicinity as him after a night out.

Usain Bolt poses with HuffPost UK social media editor Chris York

Chris also deserves special congratulations for not requesting a selfie.

"I was dropping some forms off at the dentist and there someone rather familiar looking sat in reception," Chris said. "I glanced at the receptionist and she nodded and said 'yes it is'.

"It was pretty surreal. He didn't really say why he was there, just kept cracking jokes and having a laugh. He seemed in good spirits considering the night before."