11/08/2014 09:38 BST | Updated 11/08/2014 12:59 BST

'Supermoon UFO' Footage Stuns No One Except The 'Mirror'

Rather than simply luxuriating in the accidental beauty of a fairly regular Lunar phenomena, the Daily Mirror has another use for the Supermoon: an excuse to declare the existence of aliens -- or at least wildly speculate on the topic with a question mark at the end.

The paper writes that a "possible alien craft" was seen flashing in front of the dramatically (13% larger than average, at best) large moon on Sunday.

The paper points to the above footage of the Moon. And it's true that it does show something flying past the Lunar surface.

Unfortunately there is one very obvious explanation for this, er, mystery.

First, the Supermoon happened to coincident with the Perseids meteor shower, which is one of the largest annual meteor showers currently affecting Earth at regular intervals thanks to the Comet Swift-Tuttle.

It seems pretty probable that the small, light object was either a meteor or a meteor streak in the sky.

It has also been proposed that if not a meteor, the shape was one of the following:

a) The International Space Station (visible last night above New Jersey, where the video was shot)

b) Another satellite

c) A bird

d) Just some random speck a YouTuber put in for a joke

Either way, it seems overwhelmingly unlikely that the Supermoon happened to coincide not only with clear skies over much of Europe, but also the invasion of the inter-galactic supermen.

But since this is a news website, we are obliged to end this post with some kind of open-ended statement designed to enhance the possibility of a real UFO mystery -- or at least to give you the impression that we think it might be an alien, so you can get annoyed, comment on the post and give us an extra page view.

So who knows?! Etc.