Robin Williams Dead: 'Dead Poets Society's Inspiring Words 'Carpe Diem' Recently Celebrated 25th Anniversary

Robin Williams Made The Most Inspiring Film Speech EVER

Robin Williams' death has made the recent 25th anniversary of his inspiring speech in 'Dead Poets Society' even more moving, as well as incredibly poignant.

They're words we take for granted now, whenever we're telling our friends to take that holiday, buy that house, ask out that colleague, jump out of that aeroplane.

But they didn't always exist - not until Robin Williams whispered them to his class of eager pupils...

As maverick teacher John Keating in the hit film 'Dead Poets Society', he inspired his students with the words... "Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary."

His students - including a young Ethan Hawke, and a VERY young Robert Sean Leonard before his 'House' days - are suitably impressed. And, I admit, I'd forgotten just how striking Robin Williams was when he whispered his memorable words.

WATCH the clip above and be reminded once more of one of Robin Williams', and cinema's, most stirring moments.


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