'Human Face' Spotted On Rosetta's Comet


A human face has not been found on the comet around which ESA's Rosetta space craft is in orbit.

It is not "eerie", as described by the Daily Mail.

It is not "mysterious". It's barely even "unusual".

But it is there: something that looks a bit like a human face to misled human brains has been found.

The strange formation on the "right" side of the rotating ball of ice, gas and rock (known officially as 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko) was spotted days after Rosetta arrived at the 50,000 km/hour comet after a six billion km, 10 year mission.

The current plan is to study the comet from a distance of about 100km until November, when a probe will be launched to the surface.

The probe will not land on the human face, because it is not a face.