These Amazing Spirograph-Inspired Pancakes Will Blow Your Mind

Remember playing with Spirographs? Sure you do. Much of our childhood was spent whizzing different colour pens in circles to create beautiful geometric patterns and we loved every second.

Well now, thanks to an ingenious invention, you can relieve this favoured pastime... through the medium of pancake art.

Yes, really.

Artist, father and teacher Nathan Shields has come up with a Spirograph-inspired tool that can be used to create incredible patterned pancakes.

His patent-pending device works by placing the spirograph template over a frying pan and squeezing batter through the hole where the pen would traditionally be.

Circle the spirograph like old times and the batter will create geometric patterns in the pan. All you have to do is fill in the gaps, flip the pancake and serve.

And it isn't the first time Nathan has made incredible pancakes. In fact, he's something of an expert. Check out his blog for more.