14 Years Of Photo Booth Pictures Show A Couple Become A Family

It sounds like something you'd see of a heartwarming Hollywood movie: a couple in love return to an old-fashioned photo booth every year to take a snap of themselves, including their children as the years pass.

That's exactly what children's author Giles Paley-Phillips and his wife Michelle have done for the past 14 years.

And the transformation from 2000 to 2014 is truly remarkable: taken together, the pictures chart Giles and Michelle's journey from a young couple to proud parents.

Back in 2000, Giles and Michelle had only just started going out when they first cosied up in a photo booth in Brighton.

"It just seemed a romantic and special thing to do when we first met and I was glad Michelle agreed with me," Giles, 36, told the Mirror.

Since 2007 the couple, who have made their home in Seaford, East Sussex, are no longer alone when they head into the photo booth for to get their annual picture strip.

In fact, it's getting to be a pretty tight squeeze - they now have two sons, seven-year-old Elijah, and Sonny, five, who have participated in the ritual alongside their mum and dad since they were born.

Every October (for no reason other than tradition, they say), the four of them cram into a photo booth to add another picture to their collection, showing how they have grown over the course of time.

However, Giles admits that it isn't only his own family who have changed over the last 14 years - technology has evolved, too, making it harder to keep their tradition alive.

"Photo booths are fewer and farther between - there's no Woolworths anymore for example," he says. "I think they should be preserved, along with the audio booths which record your voice, for as long as possible."

Giles explains that there is a unique pleasure which comes with using an old-fashioned photo booth which they have enjoyed passing on to their young sons: "It's great to have something physical in a time when selfies appear to have taken over."

Take a look at the wonderful photos below.