17 Minutes Of 'Me Time' A Day? 17 Cool Ways To Make The Most Of It

Germany, Bavaria, Munich, Mid adult woman listening music, smiling
Getty Images/Westend61
Germany, Bavaria, Munich, Mid adult woman listening music, smiling

After a survey recently revealed the average mother gets just 17 minutes a day to herself, it got us thinking about what a precious commodity 'me time' becomes after you've had a baby.

The study found that after factoring in looking after children, going to work and doing the household chores, busy mums were left with just 17 waking minutes a day to put their feet up – that's less than an hour and a half each week.

Given the average film lasts at least two hours these days, it doesn't exactly leave much of a window for exciting opportunities.

So it's perhaps not surprising the top five ways mothers choose to spend their free time, according to the study, includes drinking tea, watching soaps, having a doze and browsing Facebook.

Jeez - just reading it is enough to send you to sleep.

But does it really have to be that way? If you have 17 minutes each day to break free from the shackles of motherhood and be yourself, shouldn't you be making the most of every second and doing something other than watching other people's lives go by on social networks?

Stuck for inspiration? Then put down the remote, move away from the laptop and browse our gallery of alternative ways to spend your 17 minutes. From becoming a short movie buff to helping NASA to explore Mars, not even the sky is the limit...