14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

A Fifth Of Parents Think Their Baby Is UGLY!

A fifth of parents think their baby is UGLY!

When you look at your baby, do you sigh and have a gentle weep at the sheer beauty of the being you have created? Or do you wince through your fingers at the eye-watering ugliness of the child you've borne?

Well, if it's the latter, you're not alone. For a new survey has revealed the startling honesty of some parents who confess that they secretly believe their baby is a munter.

The poll of 1,000 mums and dads discovered that an astonishing FIFTH believe their child has been poked with the ugly stick.

Far from the widely held belief of parents falling in love with their offspring at first sight, the survey showed that 18 per cent of new mothers and fathers owned up to being privately disappointed with the looks of their new arrivals.

However, a besotted 82 per cent said they proudly believed their new baby was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. Of the 18 per cent who admitted being disappointed by the looks of their child, more than half had discussed their feelings with their partners but only eight per cent said they had spoken to anyone else about it.

Instead, the vast majority suffer their disappointment in silence, choosing to put on the brave face society expects.

One father of two - who asked to remain anonymous, presumably for fear of being lynched - told the Daily Mail: "There is a lot of pressure on new parents in all kinds of ways and this is something that remains taboo and just isn't talked about.

"Everyone seems to think they have the most beautiful baby on earth and as a new parent you feel you have to say the same even if you privately believe your baby is ugly.

"My daughter is three now and she is gorgeous but when she arrived she was the most disgusting little thing I'd ever seen.


She had a face only a mother could love, but even my wife admitted she was ugly.


"It doesn't mean you love them any less of course. In fact it brings out some very intense feelings of protection. You really feel you have to root for them in life because they aren't as good looking."

A spokesman for, who conducted the survey, said: "As human beings we are wired to love our babies and the poll overwhelmingly supports the theory that we all fall in love with our offspring at first sight.

"But interestingly loving your baby doesn't have to mean that you think it is beautiful. It seems that every parent feels a pressure to say their new baby is beautiful but only four out of five actually believe it.

"Yet the remaining fifth who secretly feel their baby is ugly don't love them any less and may even feel the need to spoil them more than they would a good looking baby."