14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Boy Saved As He Was About To Be Cremated Loses His Fight For Life

Baby boy who was about to be cremated loses his fight for life

A baby who started crying moments before he was due to be cremated has lost his fight for life.

Last week, we reported how the boy was initially pronounced dead by doctors in China until staff members at a funeral home heard him crying as preparations were being made for his cremation.

"It was when the funeral home staff made a routine check on the body before it was to be cremated that the baby emitted a tiny cry," said a police spokesman.

"The shocked funeral worker scooped the child up in his arms screaming 'Iits alive!'"

The baby was then rushed back to the Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital in Hefei, China, but he died of internal bleeding and multiple organ failure on Friday.

The boy - who had been born with 'congenital respiratory system malformation' - was initially admitted to the hospital on October 28 with pneumonia and injuries to his brain.

Shanghai reported that his parents were told by an expert that treatment or surgery would not be a success.

It is claimed they signed a document to give permission for medics to stop treating him.

Last Monday, after the baby's condition worsened, a doctor issued a death certificate.

But after being sent to the funeral home, he was found alive last Wednesday and returned to the hospital before his tragic death two days later.

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