14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Died After Dad Left Him In Car For Seven Hours

Baby died after dad left him in car for seven hours

A five-month-old baby was found dead after he was forgotten in his dad's car outside the family home.

Police believe little Seth Clayton may have been in the vehicle for as long as seven hours.

They were called to the scene by the baby's father, Michael, and had to break the rear window to get to the child. Sadly, attempts to revive him failed.

The boy's parents, who have five other children, are being questioned, but haven't been charged.

The tragic incident unfolded on Monday when the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department received a frantic call from Mr Cayton, 50, reporting that he may have left his son in his Chevy Tahoe in Carson.

Police found Seth still strapped in his car seat and unresponsive. The temperature in Carson at the time was about 22C.

The child's father, a security guard, reportedly left the baby inside the car while he went inside the house earlier.

Some time later, the dad left again, but took a different car. No other family members were home at the time.

When the father realised that he may have accidentally forgotten his son in the backseat of the vehicle, he called police.