'Baby' Floats Away On Balloons In Funny Prank (Video)

You're walking along the street when you see a baby floating out of its pram on a bunch of balloons while dad idly gabs on the phone nearby. What do you do? Panic, of course!

Luckily, this scenario was just a trick cooked up by Youtube comedy team WhateverYT, who filmed the reactions of startled bystanders as the pink-clad infant appears to rise into the sky, attached to a bunch of balloons.

The wickedly funny prank is the brainchild of WhateverYT founder Brian, who also plays the father of the unusually lightweight child.

Story continues after the video

As passers-by scream 'Oh my God!' and reach out to try and rescue the baby before she floats away, her 'dad' chats on his mobile before finally appearing to notice what's happening, crying: 'Oh no, Becky!'.

The baby, of course, is nothing more than a doll, and the 'crying' is only a recording. Nonetheless, most people follow their instinct to intervene, before realising that they have been pranked. 'Oh,' cries one middle-aged man, his hand on his heart. 'You scared me!'

Funnily enough, the only passer-by who didn't so much as flinch was Jesus. Well, an elderly man dressed as Jesus, who was smoking what Brian describes as 'some serious weed' (possibly explaining his chill attitude).

When Brian draws his attention to the 'baby' in peril, he merely shrugs, waving his Bible and joint in 'so what?' gesture not exactly reminiscent of his biblical counterpart.

The hilarious video, which Brian says took five days to film, was posted to Youtube yesterday has already been viewed nearly 300,000 times.

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