14/08/2014 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby Left Alone In Maggot-Infested House While Mum Went To Party

Baby left alone in maggot-infested house while mum went to party

A baby has been taken away from a mother after authorities say she left him alone in a maggot-infested house while she went to a party.

Police arrived at the filthy home in Florida after a tip-off from a neighbour to find the child asleep in his cot.

They took photos that showed the house in Groveland had a clogged-up toilet, dangerously exposed wiring, maggots in the kitchen and a bottle of baby formula which had crusted over at the teat.

They also called the Department of Children and Families who discovered a rash on his genitals and torso when they examined his body.

However, the mum – Ellen Burns, 20 - has denied she was neglectful after child welfare services took her baby. The boy was transferred to South Lake Hospital from where he was moved into foster care.

"They won't tell me nothing. They won't tell me where he's at," Ms Burns told

She claimed that she asked two friends to watch her child and that the neighbour who called authorities actually told her friends to leave her home because the police were on the way.

She tested positive for drugs while held overnight in jail. However, authorities said that they are working to restore the child to his mother's care.