14/08/2014 12:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby Left By Mum On Beach To Drown Buried In Unmarked 'Pauper's' Grave


A French baby girl whose mother left her on a beach to drown was buried in a pauper's grave under the name 'X' because she had never been registered as having been born.

The case of Adelaïde, who was 15 months old, sent shock waves around France.

mum, Fabienne Kabou, 36, from Senegal, has been charged with first-degree murder after she left her 15-month-old daughter to drown on a beach in France.

She was seen calmly pushing the child onto the beach in her pushchair, and stands accused of leaving her there to drown in the rising tide of the English Channel.

Prosecutors say that Kabou admits she travelled with her daughter to Berck-sur-Mer from Paris with the intention of killing her.

The prosecutor said: "She left the child alive on the beach as the tide was rising."

When news emerged of the child's burial in an unmarked grave in Boulogne, hundreds of locals rallied round and collected money to pay for a gravestone.

Since her burial, Adelaide's grave has been covered with dozens of wreaths and bunches of flowers.

Her gravestone bears a carved image of a little girl with angel's wings and the words 'Adelaïde, princesse de la plage' - Adelaide, princess of the beach.

A spokeswoman told French journalists: "We formed a committee so that this little girl shall not be forgotten and her grave be covered with flowers.

"The gravestone represents also the generosity of people."