Baby's First Taste Of Food Captured In Super Sweet Video

This baby's confused reaction to his first taste of solid food is priceless.

Nolan is six months old and up until this moment all that has passed his lips is breast milk and formula.

He reacts with excitement when his dad says: "Hey Nolan, guess what's about to happen? You're going to get your first taste of real food!"

However when Nolan's mum presents him with a spoonful of pureed sweet potato, he looks utterly perplexed about what his parents expect him to do with this strange blob of orange goop.

But Nolan's a quick learner and once his mum has demonstrated how to eat, he opens wide and smiles sweetly as he takes his first mouthful.

Nolan's wonder-filled reaction has earned the video many admiring comments on YouTube and Reddit.

"That face where he's is like, 'I have no idea what is going on!' is priceless," writes Manuel Saez.

"So cute! I love how he waits until his mum eats it before he considers it food... And how he looks at her to gauge if it's supposed to be a good or bad experience before smiling after tasting the new 'weird' taste," adds Redditor imbadatdota.

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