Baby Scales Rock Climbing Wall - On His Own! (Video)

You'll have to rethink your excuses for not going to the gym when you see this 20-month-old baby scale a rock climbing wall like it's no big deal.

The little boy is dwarfed by the climbing wall, but he tackles like a boss, without needing a hand from his father, who acts as the young athlete's 'spotter'.

He doesn't have the benefit of any fancy climbing equipment, either - just a nappy and a T-shirt. And, of course, dad standing close by to scoop him up in case of a slip.

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At one point, the miniature Spiderman even ignores dad's directions and takes his own route up the wall.

Things get a bit sticky near the top, though, leaving the baby hanging in mid-air after he struggles to find his footing. Luckily, he proves to be freakishly strong as well as precociously-well co-ordinated, and he is able to hold himself up until dad comes to the rescue by pointing him to a foothold.

The little boy's proud dad - who looks like a dedicated gym rat himself - can barely contain his enthusiasm, shouting "Yes, yes!" and giggling with glee as he watches the climbing protegé.

The video was posted to YouTube last month, but only started getting attention recently. Last week, popular German fitness trainer Karl Ess shared the video on Facebook, where it got over 200,000 likes and more than 55,000 shares from impressed viewers.

Karl captioned the video 'So Süß der kleine', or 'the little one is so cute'.

Hard to disagree!