Bodybuilding Mum Uses Children As Weights

A bodybuilder has found a new way to stay in shape since becoming a mum – using her children as weights!

When Mia Warwick, 44, from Dagenham became a mum to Evan, now seven, and Jasmine, now five, she realised she didn't have half as much time to train.

The answer? Why, her children of course!

She now uses Evan and Jasmine as weights, lifting them above her head and up and down on her back while doing press ups.

Speaking about her unusual training method, Mia said: "Being a full-time mum to two young children is quite difficult at the best of times.

"But since I wanted to get back into shape too, I couldn't exactly leave them to go to the gym. I started doing reps around the house -toddlers love being picked up!"

Thanks to her hard work – and the patience of her children – Mia is now through to the finals of the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association, where she is believed to be the oldest competitor.

Mia – who is married to Tom – says the competition will be her last, and she plans to retire after the event.

Wonder if Meghan Umphres Leatherman, the weight lifter who trained up until her due date will be giving this a go with daughter Florence?

Good luck, Mia!