14/08/2014 16:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Breastfeeding Mum Told To Feed Baby In Train Toilet

Breastfeeding mum told to feed baby in train toilet

A young mum has said she was left feeling humiliated after a train conductor told her to breastfeed her baby daughter in the toilets.

Chantelle Nicholls, 23, was travelling on a Northern Rail train from Doncaster to Sheffield when she needed to feed her four-month-old daughter Morgan.

When the conductor approached her to check her ticket, she says he told her to 'do whatever you are doing in the toilet'.

The outraged mum-of-two refused to move from her seat, but said she was left to feel as though she was 'doing something perverse'.

Chantelle told her local paper that the conductor's actions left her embarrassed as other passengers began to stare.

"I felt humiliated," she said. "It's unfair and illegal for him to ask me to move. No one would have noticed if he hadn't pointed it out."

She added that she had breastfed in public before, and it was the first time anyone had said anything to her.

Chantelle phoned the train company to complain and cited the Equality Act 2010 which makes it illegal to ask a nursing mother to move from a public place. She says the person she spoke to at Northern Rail told that no such Act existed.

Miss Nicholls now wants the conductor and phone operator disciplined.

Pete Myers, Northern Rail's head of customer relations, has now publicly apologised and said the company is launching a full investigation and were taking the allegations 'very seriously'.

"We were shocked and disappointed to hear of the incident on one of our services this week and would like to apologise again to Miss Nicholls," he said.

"We do not have a written policy on this issue because it is the law that a woman should not be discriminated against while breastfeeding on a public service. This goes beyond the law, of course, because it is morally wrong to do so."

Chantelle said she was astounded by the amount of support she got when she shared her story on social networking sites.

"It's great to see so many mums standing up for what's right," she said.