Burglar Discovered After Switching Off Baby's Favourite TV Show

A burglar was rumbled after he switched off a baby's favourite TV programme – causing her to start screaming the alarm.

The thief broke in to the home in Palmerston, Darwin, Australia, and thought it would be a good idea to switch the telly to the Cartoon Network to keep one-year-old Mia Cahenzli entertained as she was cuddled by her sleeping mum.

Big mistake! Little did the dumb criminal realise the girl was happily engrossed with her favourite show Sophia the First.

When Mia hit the roof, she alerted snoozing mum Rachael Andrews who screamed at the thief to get out of her house before raising the alarm.

Unfortunately, the burglar managed to get away with several items, including the mum's iPhone.

The mother of one told The Telegraph: "He could have killed me, it freaked me out."