Can Gazing Into This Man's Eyes Make You Pregnant?

Gaze into this man's eyes and miracles will happen. Apparently.

The man we're talking about is known only as Braco (pronounced Bratzo). He's 47 years old, hails from Zagreb in Croatia – and has a following of thousands because of his alleged ability to make weird stuff happen, just by looking into his eyes.

His unassuming (to our eyes) gaze has had an extraordinary range of miracles attributed to them, which he achieves these through mass 'gazing sessions' where loving followers gaze at this mysterious healer.

• A woman's ovaries 'exploded', which was necessary for them to heal so she could get pregnant.

• A woman's adopted daughter reached out to her birth mother.

• A woman's brother recovered from a bone marrow transplant.

• A woman's friend's father's subdural haematoma disappeared.

• A woman's granddaughter found her way home after becoming lost.

• A woman'sperennially single friend became wealthy.

• And the strangest (perhaps?)...A woman did not scream during a gazing event event even though a yellow jacket (wasp, very scary) was climbing up and down her leg.

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Every year, according to his website, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world pay to watch him stare at them without speaking, in the hope it will improve their lives.

The website states that Braco 'makes no claims of being a healer and does not promise a cure to anyone' but adds that people 'commonly report warm feelings and physical sensations during a gazing experience with Braco."

A disclaimer written in gold and black text warns that women more than three months pregnant are forbidden from attending gazing events 'due to the intensity of the experience for some'. For the same reason, they are also banned from watching live streams.

However, should you be that way inclined, you can stare at him for free on You Tube to experience a similar warm glow (hopefully) and miraculous results (possibly) as those who see the great man eye-to-eye!

According to promotional videos, Braco makes no money from his work and his own website makes it clear 'he makes no claim to being a healer and does not promise to cure anyone.'

He does make one concession to his followers that people do 'commonly report warm feelings and physical sensations during a gazing experience with Braco'.

Go on then, have a gaze into those eyes and make a wish. Make sure you let us know how you get on, won't you?