14/08/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Charles Worthington Talks Movie Star Hair Ahead Of The BAFTAs 2014

How much does it actually take to get movie star, red carpet ready for awards season? I'm talking so perfect, you literally don't have a hair out of place. In case you, like me, have always wondered, I quizzed the hair, makeup and fashion teams who will be working at the BAFTAs 2014. My first appointment was with Charles Worthington, the celebrity hairstylist who counts Sarah Jessica Parker and Emilia Fox as his clients...


Within a minute of meeting Worthington, he asked me how I wanted my hair styled. As I thought we were just having a quick chat, I wasn't exactly prepared for the question.

Before I could say..."a plait?" Charles and his assistant had already started crimping my hair with the smallest hair appliance I've ever seen. He told me he was creating the crown braid worn so well by various celebrities recently. Did I want a hairstyle that might make me feel like a movie star on a rainy Tuesday afternoon? Er, yes.

In between the crimping and the plaiting, Charles talked me through the schedule for BAFTA day.

"I arrive at the styling suites - they're like pamper zones - at 9am with my team of 11. It's safe, cocooned and relaxed," he told me.

"We have hourly appointments with the clients. This is when we'll work out which style will go with what dress or more importantly, withstand the weather."

His secret to making a hairstyle cope with rain or humidity? "Prep is key," Charles confirmed. "If hair is too floppy to start with, it's never going to last. We've got this new 3D Volumising Creme which we'll use at the BAFTAs to add grip and texture."


As for choosing how his clients will wear their hair, it's all down to the outfit. "Last year I worked on Sarah Jessica Parker. She needed a really simple look to match her jumpsuit. I never want the girls to look too overly dressed or old fashioned. I try to avoid anything too structured or stiff."

They'll be plenty of opportunities to see Charles' work on the BAFTA red carpet this year too - he's working with Samantha Barks, Helen McCrory, Alice Eve, Emilia Fox and Kim Catrall.

What will their hair look like? Charles wouldn't say. As for my own updo, I loved it.

Unfortunately my night involved a night in watching TV, not a lavish awards ceremony. However, I can confirm there's definitely something about wearing your hair in a crown that makes you feel amazing. Maybe that's why so many celebrities have been trying it...

Want to try the style at home? Here's how...