14/08/2014 12:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Christmas: I Love It So Much It's Weird

The trees, the tinsel, the adverts, the family arguments - Hollie Rosenberg loves Christmas SO much it's a bit weird...

The carols, the mulled wine, the twinkling lights and the present buying. I am a BIG Christmas fan. To be honest, it's a little odd how much I like Christmas. I prefer it to birthdays, Valentines, St Patrick's (you get the idea) and as I get older, I seem to love it more and more.

The minute Sainsbury's starts stocking its Christmas puddings and selection boxes, the John Lewis ad appears on TV and I start involuntarily humming "Holidays are Coming", I know the time is near. The night before the tree goes up I turn into a five year old. I can't sleep because of the excitement - I genuinely consider getting up at 4am.

And this year my Christmas tree went up on November 30 and probably won't come down until January 30. I'd go for even longer if I wasn't concerned my boyfriend would leave me and my Christmas-loving ass.

My nanna calls me lazy for not taking it down - and truth be told that is a small part of it - but more than anything I just love looking at the beauty I've created.

But let's be honest, clearly the best thing about Christmas is giving and getting gifts and then spending the whole day with your nearest and dearest.

Every year, all 19 members of the Rosenberg clan gather together for a big old ruckus. It's the most chaotic thing you've ever seen and each year the day follows a similar pattern.

My Nanna argues with my Gan Gan, my Dad starts a debate about aliens or something equally eccentric, one of my uncles will get hammered and fall asleep, and I will just stumble over my words all night after having one too many rose spritzers with lemonade.

God, I just love every bloody part of it - and where's the shame in that? Let's get our trees up, shower the bah-hambug-ers in mistletoe and proudly don our Christmas jumpers. Tis the season, friends, tis the season.

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