14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Couple Accused Of Breaking Baby's Skull And Ribs Could Regain Custody

Couple accused of breaking baby's skull and ribs could have child returned to them

A soldier and his wife who are accused of fracturing their baby's skull and ribs and then lying about it could regain custody of their daughter.

At the High Court, Mr Justice Baker said it was up to social services and other professionals involved in the case to 'do what we can' to ensure the child, now two, was returned safely to the family set-up.

This was despite the fact that the couple, both in their 30s, were said to be 'withholding information' about the injuries suffered by the then six-month-old girl at the hands of one of her parents.

The judge said the soldier, who has been based in East Anglia and Wiltshire, insisted the girl had been hurt in a fall, a story refuted in court.

He added: "I find that each parent is concealing information and has given a false account.

"It is probable, in my view, that one of the parents is responsible for the injuries and the other is knowingly withholding information so as to protect the perpetrator."

The judge conceded that the couple had been 'good' and 'devoted' parents in the past.

However, he urged them to 'be more frank' with the court so that all parties can 'understand what happened and work together to ensure that she is safe in the future'. The hearing in London continues.