Family Forced To Flee Home After Discovering Hundreds Of Deadly Spiders In Bunch Of Bananas

Bananas have come under fire in the past few weeks for containing too much secret sugar. But the sweet stuff is the least of our worries if the experience of the Roberts family is anything to go by.

For the family from Hednesford, Staffordshire, had a very una-peeling encounter with a bunch they'd bought from a local shop – because it was crawling with hundreds of 'deadly' spiders.

Dad Jamie Roberts, 31, called in pest controllers after discovering the creepy crawlies.

He thought the white patches on the bananas from the OneStop Store were mould, but after closer inspection saw they were actually webbing from spiders.

Jamie said: "It was like something out of a horror film because suddenly the window sill was moving with hundreds of these spiders."

Jamie, his wife Crystal, 30, and their two children moved out of their home while pest controllers got to work and weren't allowed back for three days while it was fumigated.

Jamie added: "It was terrifying – especially for me because I have a phobia of spiders."

Unconfirmed reports say the arachnids may have been Brazilian wandering spiders, which have venom deadly enough to kill humans.