14/08/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Finger Lickin' Yuck! Mum Finds Green Slime In Daughter's KFC Box

Finger lickin' yuck! Mum finds green slime in daughter's KFC box

It's finger lickin' YUCK! That was the response from a mum who claimed her daughter was served a KFC meal in a takeaway box that was infested with green mould.

Cherie Williams, 26, said she put the fast food onto her eight-year-old daughter Charleigh's plate to find the bottom of the container was covered in the slime.

But when the family complained, she said staff at the chain's restaurant in Bulwell, Nottingham, dismissed the stain inside the £1.99 snack box as grease residue, despite its colour.

It was bought by the girl's grandmother Mandy, who takes Charleigh to the fast food restaurant once a week.

Cherie, 26, said: "Usually I just give it her in her box, but luckily enough I tipped it out and the box was all green and mouldy.

"My daughter had asthma as a baby and the doctor always said mould spores affect people with asthma even more so than other people.

"They didn't even offer a £1.99 refund, or a replacement meal, not even an apology at first. It was disgusting."

A KFC spokesman said: "We're very sorry for this as we don't want any of our customers to have a bad experience in any of our stores.

"We have never had an issue like this before and are carrying out a thorough investigation to make sure that it is an isolated incident.

"Our customer care line will be in touch with Miss Williams to offer her a gesture of goodwill."