14/08/2014 13:01 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Football Mad Dad Takes Newborn Baby To Football Match 30 Minutes After Leaving Hospital


A dad took his newborn baby son to a football match just HALF AN HOUR after he was discharged from hospital.

Anthony Roach dropped new mum Rebekah Bancroft at home – and then whisked their baby boy Arlo to see his beloved Torquay United.

The dad wanted his son to witness his beloved team's last match before they were relegated from the Football League.

And the visit had the blessing of Arlo's mum who said she was happy to have the chance to relax after giving birth to her 9lb 1oz son following a 29 hour labour.

After his birth at 8.08pm on Friday night, Arlo was discharged from hospital 15 minutes after the game kicked-off, but thanks to his father's dedication he managed to make it in time for the second half - and became Britain's youngest football fan.

Anthony, 39, said: "I drove Rebekah home and made sure she was comfortable then I got off to the ground as quick as I could.

"Luckily my boss had an executive box at the stadium, so I didn't have to try and get Arlo and his carrycot through the turnstiles.

"We only managed to arrive at half time but thankfully that meant he only had to watch one of the three goals we let in."

Arlo is Anthony's first child, although Rebekkah has two daughters from a previous relationship - Courtney, nine and Summer, seven.

The couple have been together two years and are engaged to be married.

Anthony added: "Although I can't get Rebekah interested in football, the girls already go to home and away matches with me."

Torquay United, who had already been relegated, lost 3-0 to Wycombe Wanderers, saving the visitors from the drop. Anthony said: "The mathematics of it all went over Arlo's head a little, but I'll be able to tell him all about it when he gets older.

"It would make a great first birthday present for him if United to get back into the League next year."

Rebekah said she was quite happy for little Arlo to be swept off to the stadium before he had even been inside his own home.

She said: "We didn't even take him out of his baby seat. I went indoors with the girls and Anthony took Arlo off to the match."

Even Arlo's name has a football theme behind it. Anthony explained that the name was made up of his initials, AR, and the shirt number, 10, from his playing days.