14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gran Stabbed Daughter-In-Law After She Called Her A 'Bad Grandmother'

A court has heard that a grandmother stabbed her daughter-in-law over a row about money and her own grandparenting skills.

Newcastle Crown court was told that Tina Casey, 42, was found dead at her home in February this year.

Heather Emmonds, 58, from Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, admits stabbing the mum, but denies murder owing to diminished responsibility and loss of control.

The BBC reports that Tina had been threatening to take her young son and move away to the Isle of Man.

Ms Emmonds said she had 'had enough' after her daughter-in-law called her a 'bad grandmother'. The pair continued to argue when Tina asked to borrow money to settle her debts.

Ms Emmonds told the court: "She started getting agitated, saying I was not thinking about her young grandson and I had done nothing to help her, when I had done an awful lot to help her over the years.

"She said I was a bad grandmother because I wouldn't help her and my grandson."

The court was told that Ms Emmonds picked up a knife and stabbed Tina in the neck and stomach as she lay on the sofa.

"I was fed up, I had had enough. I just thought it is all 'me, me, me'," she told the hearing.

"I don't remember picking the knife up. She was talking but I don't know what she was saying."

Earlier, Ms Emmonds told the court that Tina - who was her son's former partner - had said she was going to change her child's identity and take him away, telling him his family was dead.

"She was going to change my grandson's hair colour, change his name by deed poll and tell him we had all been killed in car accident and he had no grandparents or daddy," Ms Emmonds said.

The trial continues.