Grandmother Posts 'Joke' Photos Of Baby With Tape Over Her Mouth And Inside A Roasting Tin

A grandmother has been blasted on Facebook after she posted photos of her baby granddaughter with duct tape on her face and lying in a roasting pan – because she thought it was funny.

Jackie Sheaks, from Columbus, Ohio, was met with outrage and was threatened with the police and child protection services after she shared the 'joke' images.

In one of the photos, the child's dummy had been secured to her cheeks with two pieces of tape. In another, the baby girl is resting inside a large turkey roasting pan next to some potatoes.

Mrs Sheaks said she uploaded the snapshots online hoping to amuse her Facebook friends. She told 10TV: "It started as just a joke. We put a little tape on the pacifier because we were being silly."

But instead of compliments on her sense of humour and photography skills, Mrs Sheaks received a visit from the sheriff and Child Protective Services, who expressed concern for the well-being of the little girl in the pictures.

But she insisted that she and her husband are not 'horrible people' and would never harm their little girl.

Tommy Sheaks said their family has been harassed online since their unusual baby photos went viral.

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Mrs Sheaks added that although she has been photographing her relatives' children for many years, she has learned her lesson about sharing her prank snapshots online.

She said: "What we think is funny other people don't. It will never happen again. It's definitely taught us a lesson."

The baby's mum, who has not been named, said that she didn't find the photos objectionable.

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