Guilty Dog Showers Baby With Gifts To Stop Her Crying (Video)

A cute video of an apologetic pet showering a baby with toys to stop her crying has proved a hit on YouTube with more than three million views.

Charlie the Beagle wasn't seeking fame for his actions, he just wanted forgiveness from his 'best friend' baby Laura.

Laura had started crying when Charlie took one of her toys away from her.

As soon as Charlie realised his actions had upset Laura, he set about running around the room, searching for toys to cheer her up.

Unsurprisingly, his first instinct is that a tennis ball will make her smile, but when that doesn't do the trick he resorts to routing through Laura's toy box.

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While Charlie appears to have grasped the concept that babies like toys, he hasn't yet got to grips with what's age appropriate, as among the gifts he brings Laura is a PlayStation controller.

But none-the-less Laura appreciates his efforts and seems appeased when the baby shower of gifts ends with a rather comical shot showing her covered in toys.

The clip was uploaded by Laura's father, who claims Laura has forgiven Charlie and they are back to being 'best friends'.

After seeing how much people enjoyed watching this insight into Laura and Charlie's friendship, Laura's father has set up a Facebook page on Charlie's behalf, to document his funny exploits.

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