Holiday Makeup: Four Beauty Tips To Try When You Travel

Holiday Makeup: Four Beauty Tips To Try When You Travel

For some people, going on holiday is a time to show off a natural, golden glow and go totally barefaced. For others, the first sign of bronzed skin means completely the opposite - experimenting with makeup you wouldn't usually get away with on a dreary weekday at work.

Whatever your holiday beauty habits, there are a few things to think about when it comes to packing your cosmetics bag.

For a start, there's the size and weight of the products. Then there's the destination. Hot, exotic locations require a whole new set of sweat-resistant rules.

So, we asked Mac's Senior Artist Rebecca Butterworth for her advice on how to wear makeup by the pool, on the beach this summer...

1. You've got two options when it comes to holiday makeup: fight against the heat or go with it. If you want to fight against it, choose products that are formulated to be long wearing, sweat resistant and humidity proof: all of the Mac Prolongwear ranges are designed for this.

2. If you want to go with the heat, try out creamy formulas for your eyes cheeks and lips. Use the fact that these textures will melt into your skin to your advantage to create make up that looks sultry and effortlessly chic.

3. My pool-side must haves are lightweight bases like Beauty Balms which have SPF built in, and multi use cream products - I'm in love with Mac Casual Colour, a pot of creamy colour you can use on cheeks and lips. Go for orange and coral shades to enhance a tan.

4. Creamy kohl pencils are a quick eyes way to do a smudgy smoky eye for the evening. Try out the Mac Teddy Kohl pencil pushed into top and bottom lash lines and smudged around the eye for an eye make up reminiscent of Kate Moss hanging out in Ibiza.

For more on what to pack in your makeup bag, see our pick of the best holiday-friendly products below:


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