Husband Reveals Cheating Wife Had An Affair With Her Sperm Donor

Sperm Sample (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)
Sperm Sample (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)

A husband has gone on national television to tell how his wife had an affair with her sperm donor.

The husband appeared on ITV's This Morning to tell Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby how he'd had a vasectomy after his first marriage broke up which left him unable to have children with his second wife.

He said she then sought a sperm donor from 'unofficial channels' and ended up having an affair.

She eventually conceived twice this way but her infidelity led to her having an abortion and then becoming a single parent.

The husband, who did not reveal his or anyone else's identities, but called himself Peter said he'd had the snip after having children with his first wife.

After his first divorce, he decided he did not want to have any more children and had a vasectomy. He then met Rebecca, the woman who was to become his second wife.

She said his vasectomy wasn't an issue and they married in 2008 but then Rebecca decided she did want to become a mother after all.

Peter said he looked into having his vasectomy reversed but was told there was 'no chance' because it had been carried out too long ago. The couple then discussed using a sperm donor but dismissed doing this via official channels.

He said he was then 'taken aback' in 2010 when Rebecca revealed she had found 'someone like me' after researching unregulated donor websites and had set up a meeting.

Peter said: "They had arranged to meet seven days later. We both took it for granted it would be artificial insemination, sex was never implied or spoken about."

Peter agreed to escort Rebecca to meet the donor, called Rhys, but at no point did he consent to the pair having natural sex.

After this meeting Rhys donated sperm for artificial insemination to Rebecca.

But Peter said: "That was the only time artificial insemination took place, the rest of the time it was sex."

Rebecca began visiting Rhys once a month when she was ovulating. Inevitably the situation began to have a detrimental effect on her marriage.

Peter said he began to suspect her relationship with Rhys had become sexual but didn't find out for sure until they had a 'blazing row'.

When Rebecca then fell pregnant, Peter demanded she have an abortion or he would leave her.

He admitted: "She had the abortion which I regret, it was a terrible thing to ask woman to do but I wasn't thinking straight at the time."

After the abortion, Rebecca and Peter's relationship became beyond repair.

Unbeknown to him, Rebecca resumed her affair with Rhys and fell pregnant again.

By now, Peter said Rebecca was in love with Rhys and intended to divorce Peter and raise her child with him.

He said: 'I was shocked but wasn't completely surprised when she told me she was pregnant again, I had a strong feeling she was still seeing Rhys.'

But after Peter and Rebecca split up, Rhys wasn't interested in raising the child with her as she had hoped. Instead, he claimed no responsibility as the father under the Human Fertilisation Embryology Act of 2008.

He denied having a sexual relationship with Rebecca and said she had only ever received his sperm via artificial insemination.

Rebecca launched legal proceedings taking her case to London's High Court Family Division last July.

Peter said: "It was brought out through evidence that they had been having sex relationship for a number of months and he could not deny it in court under cross reference."

It also transpired during the court proceedings that Rhys was a prolific sperm donor who had sired up to 30 children. He was registered on three different websites and had even advertised his services at 'male-dominated breeding orgies'.

The judge on the case said Rhys had committed 'calculating betrayal and abashed dishonesty' and had 'concealed his overall activities from recipients he entered into relationships'.

But he added that Rebecca had also been 'untruthful, devious and manipulative'. The judge ruled that the baby had been conceived during a sexual relationship and as a result, Rhys was 'not only his biological father but also his legal parent'.

Peter is now trying to get on with his life as a single man again after all the hurt and betrayal.

Rebecca said in a statement read on This Morning: "Motherhood for me has come at an extremely high price. I have an adorable child who is my entire life. However that has not compensated for the devastating and highly distressing events that unfolded and will undoubtedly stay with me for a lifetime."

Meanwhile, Rhys added in a statement that he sees himself as the victim.

He said: "The husband was fully aware of his wife's quest to conceive a child at no point did he intervene to say he did not wish to go ahead, had he done so at any point we would not be in the position we are now. The process has been destructive to me emotionally, personally and financially."