14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is This The Next It Bag? Say Hello To The Buckitt

A Hackney-based designer has created an accessory that's SO the next It-bag, it's succeeding where hundreds have failed and raking in financial support on Kickstarter.

Rae Jones' Buckitt - which she describes as a "basic tool for life" - has been on the project development site since 17 July and in that time has already gained £10,275.

And considering she's less than £5K away from getting all the cash she needs to market the tote, it looks like this could be on your wishlist soon.


Having already secured stock lists in the UK, Japan and Australia - although she won't reveal who as yet - Rae also has a synonymous footwear brand, so this isn't her first crack at breaking into the industry.

In addition, Rae is already in talks with major UK retailers and should she get the financial backing needed and there are designer collaborations in the pipeline.

So how does Rae describe the Buckitt? She says it has a "classic shape and vintage aesthetic" to make it a trans-seasonal style staple.

Dowdy canvas bags be gone - this is your answer to hand crafted, all-in handbags. Think lightweight, lifelong accessories in fine Italian leather.

The Buckitt One Bag will retail at £260 and is available in eight colours. These will change each season as will texture and detailing. To make a pledge for this project and support Buckitt click here.