Is This What Your Baby's Trying To Tell You? Baby Babble Translated (Video)

Do you ever wonder what your baby is trying to say as he babbles away to you?

One dad set about trying to decipher the words his son was trying to form as he gurgled and cooed on on his lap - and the results make about as much sense as you'd expect!

The child seems to have a fixation on lamb (!) with 'Mmake more lamb' being the only discernible sentence in the clip.

The video was uploaded on the epoddle YouTube channel - a family venture set up by proud dad Eric.

Eric began making short, humorous videos as a fun way to bond and pass time with his family.

When he launched his epoddle channel in September 2006, Eric had no idea how popular his videos would prove to be, but almost eight years on his family have become a viral sensation and the channel now has more than 29,000 subscribers who eagerly await his updates.

Eric's videos all feature his three children - who like all big stars have stage names: The oldest is a boy known as 'Coco bean,' in the middle is daughter 'Berry' and the youngest is a baby boy known as 'Beau' - who is the star of this video.

Watch the video below to see if you can make baby Beau's mouth movements into more coherent sentences than his dad managed....

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