14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'It's Not A Wig!' Mum Accused Of Unf-Hair Play In Baby Locks Contest

'It's not a wig!' Mum accused of unf-hair play in baby locks contest

A hair-sterically funny contest to find the baby with the most lavish locks has been hit by scandal after a mum was accused of submitting a photo of her daughter wearing a wig!

Sohaila El-Alami sent a photo of her 10-month-old daughter Layla to The Most Epic Head of Baby Hair photo competition on the popular parenting blog Mommy Shorts.

In the photo, the little girl was seen sporting an impressive head of thick black curls.

But what started out as a friendly competition between proud parents showing off their kids' quirky hairdos quickly dissolved into war of words on Facebook.

After several commenters raised the issue of Layla's magnificent mane being a toupee, mum Sohaila defended her daughter saying: "People kept commenting saying they wouldn't vote for her because she's a fraud. I provided proof and against all odds she made it to the final 12."

In the end, the naysayers were no match for baby Layla's superb head of curls – which had earned her the nickname 'Annette Funicello' in homage to the actress and singer famous for her larger-than-life hairstyle. She ended up beating the competition – by a hair's breadth.

"I think Annette sealed her victory before the contest even started when everyone questioned whether she was actually wearing a wig. As if baby-sized wigs were a regular thing,' wrote parenting blogger Ilana Wiles, who runs the site Mommy Shorts.

The little girl, who is now 13 months old and sporting even longer tresses, defeated such epic baby hairstyles as The Lollipop Guild, which came in second with 16.19 per cent to Layla's 16.95 per cent of the vote, followed by The Goldfish and the Bunsen Burner.

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