14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kate Hudson Shares Her Beauty Secrets And Reveals How To Make The Best Brunch

Kate Hudson has been sharing her beauty secrets and when A-list stars like Kate, Christina Hendricks or Drew Barrymore start dishing out advice, we're all ears.

The actress talked fashion, food and her healthy lifestyle when she met with style site Racked at the launch of her little black dress collection for Ann Taylor in LA this week.

What did we learn? Kate loves Sunday brunch and she's excellent at poaching eggs.

Kate Hudson Celebrates The Little Black Dress Collection For Ann Taylor

When asked what she likes to cook for brunch with her family, Kate replied, "I try to make everything gluten-free and healthy.

"My favourite thing to do is a poached egg on top of a piece of gluten-free toast. I like to add some kind of cheese and saute spinach and mushrooms or pancetta, and maybe add some Brussels sprouts."

She added, "Cooking poached eggs is a science. I know you could cheat by buying a poached egg cooker, but I like to go old school and put it into a pot. The secret is the amount of vinegar you put in. I also love making waffles - we do all kinds and the kids love it."

Feeling hungry? Now we really want to go round to Kate's for brunch (or any kind of home-cooked meal.)

As for her best beauty secret? "Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet - that's it!"

Water, sleep, good food. She makes it sound so easy.

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