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Kate Middleton Pregnant: Duchess Of Cambridge To Move Back Home With Mum And Dad After Baby's Birth

Kate Middleton pregnant: Duchess of Cambridge to move back home with mum and dad

The Duchess of Cambridge will be moving in with her mum and dad after the birth of her baby, her uncle Gary Goldsmith has confirmed in an interview with the Telegraph.

Shaven-headed and tattooed Gary, 47, who is Carole Middleton's brother, told the paper he thought it was a good thing that the Royal Baby would spend the first weeks of his or her life living with Kate's family in their newly-purchased £4.85million Georgian manor house in Berkshire.

"The fact that they're taking the baby to Carole's for the first six weeks is genius," he said. "Carole's a brilliant mum - she is 10 years older than me and practised on me - and I think it's the right thing to do. It will take the pressure off Kate."

Kate Middleton to move in with mum and dad after baby's arrival

Gary - apparently known as 'Uncle G' to Kate - also revealed that he was very proud of his niece's achievements and said he felt she had made the royal family more accessible to the public.

"Kate's doing brilliantly in that role," he said. "And you throw a baby into that mix – they're going to do it fabulously. You just know that the baby is going to be introduced to the public fantastically well."

Gary, who has been married three times, has a young daughter, 10-year-old Tallulah. He says she is remarkably unfazed that the future Queen of England is her older cousin.

"She's so cool about it, and I don't think I could have been at that age. She never talks about [the Duchess] at school. She is always going to be her cousin, who Kate writes little notes to and does fairy dances with," he explained, adding his little girl is 'really excited' about the impending arrival.

"As am I," he added. "I love babies."

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