14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Katie Holmes Reveals New Hair (And We Really Hope It's Just For A Role)

Katie Holmes has got a new hairdo, and we really hope it's for a new film role because it's, um, not the best we've seen.

The 35-year-old actress looked nothing like her usual self as she rubbed shoulders with Glee star Matthew Morrison and theatre director Diane Paulus at the Finding Neverland workshop presentation at New 42 Studios in New York at the weekend.

Katie Holmes bad hair

As much as we hate to say it, Katie's barnet added years to her otherwise youthful look and reminded us a bit of Ronnie Wood in the 1980s.

The former Dawson's Creek star recently spoke out about having confidence and confessed she's a strong believer in making a good first impression.

"I was pretty lucky [growing up]," she told Elle magazine. "I'm the youngest of five with three older sisters, so when I was a little girl, I spent a lot of the time in the bathroom just watching them.

"I was intrigued by make-up and my mum was very frank with us and said, 'There are natural beauties in the world, but makeup enhances.'"

She confessed that while she has a real admiration for strong women, she's reluctant to call herself a feminist.

"Ummm. I identify with women. I identify with people who work really hard," she said. "I think... I love strong women and I love strong men and I love being inspired by people who fight for what they believe in and work hard and are creative.

"And have integrity. I don't think [the word feminism] is problematic."

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