Katie Hopkins Calls For 'Squawking' Parents To Have Their Mouths Taped Shut

Days after being fooled into signing her own gagging order, Katie Hopkins has been motor-mouthing again - and in a magnificent twist of irony she has called for parents' mouths to be taped up!

This week, The Apprentice star slipped up when she made the mistake of signing something before checking it first.

Instead of giving her autograph to an eagerly awaiting fan, the 38-year-old actually signed her own gagging order.

Unfortunately, it was just a joke. Visitors of Crowdwish - a site that makes wishes come true - voted for the newspaper columnist to be 'the subject of a gagging order banning her from any form of public speaking'.

Posing as a fan, the company waited for Katie outside an event and asked for her to sign the fake document.

But today, Katie has proved that the gag has been thrown in the bin as she went on the rampage to defend the controversial teacher who was suspended for taping up noisy children's mouths.

Writing in her Sun column, Katie said: "Tired of shouting at her art class and telling them to get on with their work quietly, teacher Priscila Davo Ortega decided to try a more creative solution and Sellotaped their mouths shut.

"Predictably, the parents of the affected ten-year-olds at Danesfield School, in Williton, Somerset, have flapped about like geese in a breeze.

"They've been squawking their disapproval at the school and clucking around their precious offspring with their bleeding lips.

"One family even went to the police. Can you imagine the humiliation? 'Yes officer, I would like to report a 10cm strip of Sellotape and a revolting child of mine.'

"I suspect many were sniffing about for compensation. By the age of ten, most kids are bleeding from the eyeballs from over-exposure to iPhones and gaming devices so I am sure a bit of humble sticky tape to the lips was not going to do them any real harm.

"If I had my way, I would gaffer tape the kids' gobs shut for the duration of the school day - and tape the parents' traps shut while I was at it.

"Stapling a few of the worst offenders to their chairs with an industrial staple gun doesn't seem like such a bad idea if you are in the office supplies frame of mind.

"In my day, we did what we were told. Our geography teacher had a mean aim with the wooden blackboard rubber and fast-bowled it at anyone not paying attention."

She added: "Parents these days have no sense of discipline. They are failing to teach kids the things that teachers rely on in the classroom - manners and respect.

"Many mums expect teachers to be disciplinarians, social workers, child care providers, toilet trainers and any manner of other jobs in between.

"If kids were taught to do what they are told - sit down, shut up and get on with their work - there would be no need to tape their lips together with harmless sticky tape.

"Danesfield School should quit pandering to the PC brigade and rally behind its teacher.

"Parents have a duty to back her up and the kids need to understand this is what happens if you misbehave.

"Some children said they were frightened of going back to her class. Good. Fear is necessary to help kids know their place.

"That and a Post-it note to the forehead telling everyone they are a 'little sh*t'."

Forget the gagging order: pass the Sellotape!