14/08/2014 16:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Prep: A $550 Stem-Cell Facial

Kim Kardsahian's wedding to Kanye West is imminent as the whole Kardashian klan have flown into Paris for the big day. (The celebrations are rumoured to start on Friday.)

Of course, like any bride-to-be, Kim has been doing everything she can to ensure she looks her best when she walks down the aisle at the weekend.

What has her pre-wedding prep entailed? Multiple last-minute gym visits and a $550 facial. Really.

Kim Kardashian Sighting In Paris

US Weekly reports Kim made a visit to Lancer Dermatology for a treatment last Friday 16 May before she flew out to the French capital.

"Kim's longtime aesthetician Louise Deschamps has been giving Kim stem cell facials for years," a source told the celebrity magazine.

As the price suggests, this is no ordinary facial either. US Weekly says this particular treatment starts with a rose face oil mask before the dermatologist applies "stem cells from a marine plant, which are thought to firm and lift the skin. After a layer is applied, an LED light helps the skin absorb the serum for long-lasting results."

Although Kim's wedding dress is still top secret, at least we know her skin is sure to be glowing as she weds Kanye.

In other Kimye marriage news, Bruce Jenner has just flown into Paris to give his stepdaughter away this weekend.

Jenner was joined by his son Brandon and his daughter-in-law Leah, but the Daily Mail reports Brody Jenner will be absent from the wedding party, as his girlfriend Kaitylnn Carter wasn't invited. Ouch.

Want to know more? Find out all the latest on Kim's nuptials (and her pre-wedding workout regime) in the video below: