14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Littlewoods Reveals Its Top Toys For Christmas 2013: Can You Guess?

Littlewoods reveals its top toys for Christmas 2013: Can you guess?

It's that time again – the jingling of sleigh bells, the twinkling of fairy lights ... and the whirring of tiny minds as children across the country are frantically finishing and updating their Christmas wish lists for Santa before it's too late. But with more toys than ever to choose from, decision time can be tricky.

That's why leading retailer, Littlewoods, has delved into its very own Santa's grotto (packed to the rafters with toys from hundreds of your favourite brands) to bring you its pick of the best of toys and games of 2013.

No child wants to be the only kid on the street without the latest must-have playground trend and no parent wants to disappoint their little ones on Christmas day, so if you want the insider knowledge on what the kids will be clamouring for this Christmas, find out what's top of the toy charts at Littlewoods below.

From old favourites you'll recognise from your own childhood Christmas lists – but with a modern twist – to the latest gadgets for techno-tots, Littlewoods has everything your little ones could wish for.

And forget battling it out in hectic high-street toy departments. Thanks to Santa's Little Helpers at Littlewoods, all your children's Christmas wishes are just a click away. Either click to buy now or add the toys to your wish-list.

Or why not visit Littlewoods virtual Toy Grotto and let the kids click and drag the toys into their very own Christmas wish list?

And thanks to free delivery seven days a week and free returns (OK'd by Santa himself) there's no pressure if you have a last-minute decision change.

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