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Lorde's Beauty Tips: Scrunch Your Hair, Throw Away Your Tweezers

If there's one thing we love about Lorde, it's her signature purple lipstick, black eyeliner and amazing natural curls.

And it's clear we're not alone, given MAC has just launched a collaborative collection with the artist.

So, what does it take to get the look of pop's most alternative star? She spilled the beans on her beauty secrets, and they're surprisingly helpful...

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1) Purple Lipstick
After going through "all of the dark purples that MAC had," Lorde created her own signature shade "Pure Heroine", which is based on the existing lipstick "Heroine" but is "just a little darker". When wearing lip colour, Lorde said: "I really take care when eating, drinking and talking. I'm always aware of the sides because that's where it moves."

2) Liquid Eyeliner
The star - who often opts for heavy liner - shared her tips for creating the perfect flick. "Make it thin until you get a quarter of the way into your lid, and then [turn the pen] and go parallel to your crease. As long as you keep it in line with the crease, you'll be fine," she advised.

3) Groomed Eyebrows
It's time to dump your tweezers once and for all, because Lorde claims she hasn't plucked her eyebrows in three months and they look amazing. "Amber [Dreadon, MAC senior artist] does some gel and brushes them, making the hairs all go in one direction," she said.

4) Skincare
Lorde suffers from acne (as her before-bed' selfie proves) and because of this, most of her skincare products come directly from a dermatologist. "There's a really good acne cream called Crystacide," she revealed. "There's a good French moisturiser called Embryolisse and MAC Mineralize moisturiser in a pot that I like." To protect her pale complexion, the singer uses a tinted moisturiser with SPF.

5) Hair
Controlling those curls isn't the stressful process you might expect. Lorde covers her hair in Potion 9 by Sebastian and said, "you just scrunch it in when your hair is wet".

6) Tumblr
We're inspired by the star, but where does she get her inspiration from? One word: Tumblr. It was there she got the idea to rock black-tipped fingers at the Grammy's this year.


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By Rhiannon Davies

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