14/08/2014 16:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Make! Star Christmas Decorations

Rosie and Hannah started The New Craft Society in 2013. From knitting to pottery, their crafts blog features inspiration and instructions for all levels, plus a very handy Mates Treats section for brilliant gift ideas. For their first how to, the girls share their guide to making festive star decorations below:

Hello December! How we've been waiting for you. Apparently so has everyone in London. Houses across the capital appear to have suddenly bloomed with Christmas trees, decorations and general festivity; has anybody else noticed this overnight transformation?! We didn't want to feel left out much longer so decided to make a few of our own decorations. These little stars were the first easy idea we came up with – they're perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree or elsewhere around the house.


You will need:
• A star template
• Fabric - we've used Liberty Tana Lawn in 'Eliza's'
• Ribbon
• Stuffing
• Pins
• Needle
• Thread

1. Using a star template, cut out two stars in your fabric with a 1cm seam allowance.
2. Pin them right sides together with your ribbon (folded to form a loop) sandwiched facing inwards between the two fabric layers.
3. Machine stitch around the stars, including over your loop, leaving a gap to stuff the stars through.
4. Trim and snip your seams inwards – this allows the fabric to bend and curve easily.
5. Turn your star right side out making sure you push each arm fully out without pushing through the stitches.
6. Stuff your star through the gap.
7. Hand stitch the gap up using a needle and thread and ensuring you turn the raw edges inwards.
8. Your star should be ready to hang!


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