14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Makeup Setters: The Best Beauty Product To Invest In This Summer?

No matter how durable your foundation or mascara promises to be, that flawless just-applied finish never lasts long. In fact, the journey to work is usually enough to take the shine off before you even get started on a stuffy day in the office.

The obvious solution to makeup perfection is reapplying where and when possible. But is it practical? Not always - you need a handbag big enough to stash all your products for a start. Plus, regular touch-ups are time-consuming and often inconvenient when you find yourself nowhere near a mirror.


That's why makeup setting products are so handy. One spritz before you leave the house will keep your look in place for hours - which is particularly useful during the warmer (and more perspiration prone) summer months.
So, which product should you buy? Many of the best sprays are made with skin-soothing ingredients to hydrate dried out or tired-looking complexions but it's worth knowing about the other benefits they offer too. One of our favourites, from French beauty brand Institut Esthederm, protects against harmful UV rays while Avene's Eau Thermale is brilliant at calming irritations or inflammations.

Want to nourish your skin and save yourself from mid-afternoon panda eyes? See five of the best makeup setters to try below:

Noticed a few fine lines and wrinkles appearing? Watch the video below for a few skincare tips on how to fight the first signs of anti-ageing:

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