14/08/2014 12:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Share Their Beauty Secrets

It was only a matter of time before Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ventured into the world of fragrance. However, the designer duo couldn't settle on creating just one scent. Oh no, when there are twins involved, it makes sense to launch two.

So - Mary-Kate and Ashley have done just that. Nirvana Black and Nirvana White are the first two perfumes under their Elizabeth and James fashion label.

"The more we started thinking about our brand, we recognised there's such a duality to Elizabeth and James, and we felt it was really only appropriate if we did two scents and gave a choice," Mary-Kate told Harper's Bazaar at a launch event in New York.

During their interview with the magazine, the sisters also shared a few of their fragrance and makeup secrets.

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Their favourite foodie scents? Coffee (Mary-Kate) and popcorn (Ashley).

Their must-have beauty products?

"I like Cle de Peau powder and Brave Soldier Lip Balm. That's really good," said Mary-Kate. Ashley is more into eyebrows.

As for their beauty icon, Mary-Kate cites Lauren Hutton for being "such a woman in every single sense of the word," but the most refreshing thing to hear is that yes, these girls have hang-ups about their skin too.

"I don't do this myself, but I feel like the worst beauty habit that people have is when they pick their own skin," says Ashley. "That's just really bad. Everyone's tempted to do it sometimes, but it's just the worst thing you can do. I prefer to get ready with the lights off so I'm never even tempted to look at my skin!"

Picking skin? Er, yes, that's pretty gross.

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