Meet The Nail-Obsessives Paying $150 For 'Unicorn Pee' Nail Varnish

Meet The Nail-Obsessives Paying $150 For 'Unicorn Pee' Nail Varnish

There's actually a cult of beauty obsessives who will fork up to $150 for bottles of old "unicorn pee" nail polish on eBay. Yes, really!

They call themselves "lemmings" and they get their kicks from buying discontinued nail varnish on the internet.

Just one bottle of Clarins 230 polish - dubbed "unicorn pee" by lemmings everywhere because it looks like a "rainbow in a bottle" - which was discontinued in 2008 recently sold for a whopping $150 on eBay.

Chicago-based beauty blogger Scrangie Marcanio who's been reviewing nail polish since 2004 has never counted the bottles in her collection, but estimates the total at 3,000 to 4,000... Including her very own bottle of "unicorn pee".

And here's what it looks like on:

Scrangie scourers flea markets, garage sales and the internet for old bottle, a practice known as "dusty hunting" in a bid to find hidden gems.

We guess she must go through a lot of nail polish thinner because she still owns a bottle of green nail polish by Wet & Wild she bought at a chemist 10 years ago.

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