14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Biggest Hair Secrets

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel with incredible hair. Whether it's swept back into a chic updo or left down and softly curled, this girl's locks are always glossy. Does she ever have a bad hair day? Not if she can help it.

Kerr's perfected a few hair rituals during her time in the spotlight. Want to know her secrets? She spoke to Huffington Post Style about a few of her favourite products.

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The good news is, Kerr's hair routine is a more low-maintenance than you might think.

"I wash it every second day unless I'm working back to back days, then I like to keep it fresh. There's nothing better for me after I've freshly washed my hair and I'll let it dry on its own," she told the style site.

As for how she gets keeps her locks so shiny, Kerr says it's down to a healthy lifestyle and a few of her favourite products.

"It's a combination of [things] like feeding my body from the inside, and I've been using Clear [hair care brand] for quite some time actually," she revealed.

"I used the shampoo and conditioner and nothing else. My hair gets so much work done to it with the industry I work in. It's constantly getting pulled, pushed and curled, and you feel like it's nice sometimes to have a blowout and no products."

And as if we needed another reason to go and try coconut oil, Kerr can't live without it.

"I cook with it, use it in my hair, it's great to remove makeup," she says. "Sometimes I sleep with coconut oil in my hair. The Clear Intense Hydration Mask, which has coconut oil in it, is good to put on the ends of your hair to smooth and keep nourished."

Coconut oil isn't the only product Kerr can't leave the house without, though. As well as keeping her hair looking flawless, the model's biggest must-have is rosehip seed oil, because it has "essential fatty acids and it's good to put on at night."

If rosehip oil is going to give us that Miranda Kerr glow, it's a beauty tip to take note of.

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