14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Model Chrissy Teigen Was Fired For Being 'Fat'

Chrissy Teigen, the gorgeous Sports Illustrated model who recently released stunning pictures from her wedding with John Legend, has revealed shocking news from her younger years as a model.


In a video interview with DuJour, the 28 year old stated she had been fired from a job with US brand Forever 21 for being too fat.

"I showed up on set and they asked me if they could take a photo and they shoot that photo off to my agency who then calls me as I'm sitting in the make-up chair and they say, 'You need to leave right now," Teigen explained.

"They just said you are fat and you need to get your measurements taken.' I hate you, Forever 21. I hate you so much. Honestly, you're the worst."

Thankfully, the job in question didn't damage Teigen's confidence. After all, this is the girl who landed the cover spot for Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary issue in February and she has recently spoken about how she hates being Photoshopped by magazines.

Oh - and then there's her topless GQ moment...

The high-street retailer is not the first to be criticized for 'fat-shaming' though. Recently Japanese clothing store Fatyo came under fire for labeling its clothes with descriptions such as 'Twitch', 'Skinny', 'Fat' and 'Jumbo'.

However, whether it's fat-shaming or skinny-shaming, it's always refreshing to hear role models like Chrissy open up about the pressures of the fashion industry.

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