14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Defies Odds Of 500,000-To-One To Have THIRD Set Of Twins Naturally

Mum defies odds of 500,000-to-one to have THIRD set of twins

A mother has defied odds of 500,000-to-one by giving birth to her THIRD set of twins.

Karen Rodger, 42, and husband Colin, 44, were stunned when doctors told her last year that she was expecting twin girls.

The couple already had four boys – Lewis and Kyle, 14, and 12-year-olds Finn and Jude.

Then Karen found out that she was expecting twins for the third time during a scan six weeks into her pregnancy.

She sent a text with the incredible news to husband Colin, who was away on business, but he thought she was joking.

But they're smiling now after Rowan and Isla were born by Caesarean section at Glasgow's Southern General Hospital in May.

Karen said: "The girls are great. They are doing really well. It is a madhouse at times and everything has got to be a routine.

"I wasn't sure how the boys would react but they absolutely adore the girls. They have been a brilliant help in their own individual ways. They bath them and change them – they are like mini-dads. They are over the moon with them.

"It's a hectic household but it is good fun. There is never a dull moment."

Now they can't go anywhere without people stopping them in the street.

Karen, 42, told the Mirror: "Some people's reactions are hilarious. Sometimes I think they're going to pass out."

Family life is run with military precision. Karen plans meals a month in advance and organises a shower rota.

A giant planner in the kitchen helps keep track of where everyone is supposed to be.

And in a further attempt to keep the chaos under control, each boy has been assigned a colour.

"Kyle's green, Lewis is blue, Finn is yellow and Jude is red," said Colin.

"Their towels, toothbrushes and dressing gowns all match their colour. It's more for us than them, to be quite honest.

"When we found a towel on the bathroom floor we'd have no idea whose it was. So now if there's a green towel I know who to go to straight away. There's method in the madness."

The couple married 16 years ago and they were delighted to have twins 15 months later. When Lewis and Kyle were just over a year old they decided to try for another baby to avoid a big age gap.

"We didn't want the youngest child to feel left out," Karen explained.

She quickly became pregnant and couldn't believe it when the scan showed another set of twins.

But that surprise was nothing compared to the news that Karen was expecting set number three.

Colin recalled receiving Karen's text telling him the twincredible news, saying: "I thought she was having the biggest wind-up she'd ever done."

Doctors think Karen has 'sticky' eggs that clump together so more than one is released at a time.

This increases the chance of having non-identical twins, which happens when two separate eggs are fertilised.

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