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Mum Finds Saw Blade In Sainsbury's Meal She Gave Her Toddler

Mum finds saw blade in Sainsbury's meal she gave her toddler

Sophie, partner Jordan Langstaff and daughter Maddison. Pic: SWNS

A mum who found an inch-long blade inside a chicken kiev meal she bought from Sainsbury's says she will never shop at the supermarket again.

Sophie Perks, 22, from Derbyshire bought the ready meal from her local branch of Sainsbury's in Church Greslet for a quick and easy meal for her one-year-old daughter Maddison Faith.

As she cut up the meal on Maddison's high chair tray, her knife hit a sharp piece of metal.

On closer inspection Sophie realised the piece of metal was a sharp blade. When she took the pack and blade back to the store, no one could offer any explanation as to how the blade made its way into the dish.

Sophie, who works as a data manager, was offered another pack of kievs and an apology for the incident, which occurred on October 5.

The mum of one says she only bought the kievs because she was in a rush to feed Maddison before a family party, but has now been put off using the supermarket for life.

Mum finds saw blade in Sainsbury's meal she gave her toddler

"I was in a rush that evening because it was my sister Molly's 18th birthday in Tamworth and so we hadn't got any time to go shopping," she said.

"I popped into the store and grabbed a two pack of kievs, the fresh ones not frozen, so my daughter could have dinner. When we got home I cooked them both and when they were done I cut one up on Maddison's plate and heard a clink when my knife hit something.

"I picked it up to check what had made the noise and the razor blade fell from the bottom. I was disgusted, if I hadn't heard the clunk I would have just served it up - I dread to think what could have happened. I took it back to the shop and the deputy manager was very apologetic, they gave me some new ones, which I checked in the shop and was told the manager would contact me.

"When he did all he could say was that they could only offer their sincere apologies and were looking into the matter. I wanted to know how it got in there but they couldn't tell me. This needs to be looked into as soon as possible. If it is because of something from the manufacture or the machines then there needs to be a recall. I dread to think what could have happened.

"I will never be shopping at Sainsbury's again, it puts you off. If they could have offered an explanation or made it clear it would never happen again I might, but not now."

The supermarket is now investigating the claims, and a Sainsbury's spokeswoman told reporters: "We have started a thorough investigation and apologised to Miss Perks for the inconvenience caused.

"Incidents like this are extremely rare as we have the highest standards and carry out quality control checks at all stages of production."

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