14/08/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Has Identical Twin Quads

Mum beats 70million to one odds to have identical twin quads /file pic

A UK mum has given birth to two sets of identical twin quads, beating odds of 70 million to one!

Sharon Turner, 36, from Berkshire, was amazed when her doctors told her she was expecting quads - and even more shocked after their birth when they turned out to be two identical sets of twins!

The gorgeous little babies - James, Joshua, Lauren and Emily - were born prematurely on March 30 after Sharon developed pre-eclampsia. Arriving seven weeks ahead of their due date, three of the tots weighed just 2lb 4oz, while little Lauren tipped the scales at 2lb 6oz.

Sharon told The Sun that she and husband Julian had 'thought about' the possibility of having twins after undergoing four rounds of IVF, at a reported cost of £40,000, but had never considered they might end up as parents to more children than that!

"Friends say, 'How will you cope?'" she said. "But it's not a burden, I feel blessed."

Initially, specialists at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford had talked her through the risks of carrying so many babies, and had given the couple the option of not continuing with the pregnancy.

Sharon told the Daily Mail: "They gave us three options: get rid of all of them, get rid of two of them or keep them. There was no way we could get rid of them. We were happy to let nature take its course."

Dad Julian, 43, is a triplet himself.

Staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, where the quads were delivered, joked that they might now rename the special care baby unit the Turner Room as Lauren, James, Emily and Joshua are occupying all four of the department's incubators!

Their parents are hoping to take the babies home in a few weeks time.