14/08/2014 16:59 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Makes 4ft 3in Tall My Little Pony Birthday Cake For Daughter


A dedicated mum has trounced us all with her bonkers baking skills.

Instead of dashing to M & S for a Colin the Caterpillar chocolate number or making a two-layer sponge, Maria Young, 29, baked her daughter Emily a life-sized My Little Pony birthday cake, standing a whopping 4ft 3in - 12.3 horse hands – tall.

Maria, who lives in Dorking with her husband Wayne and their other two children, Logan, nine, and Brooke, one, constructed the mammoth pony cake from 26kg of icing, 86 eggs and 32 boxes of Rice Krispies.

Unfortunately, she didn't use any mascarpone (geddit?).


The cake was presented to daughter Emily at her eighth birthday party – and fed 900 people after she took leftovers into school.

Maria spent £160 on ingredients, and the colossal cake contained 16 roasting-tin sized sponges, totaling 250,000 calories.

The mum-of-three has only been baking for a year after her son Logan, nine, asked for a dinosaur cake for his birthday.

"I'm not a baker, I'm just a mad mother," Maria told local reporters with a straight face.

"Last year my son asked me to make a standing-up dinosaur cake and it ended up at 2ft 3ins. I told Emily she could have one this year and she asked for a My Little Pony one and she said she wanted it as tall as her. It's actually ended up taller.


"I told her she could have whatever cake she wanted. Serves me right I suppose. She asked for a 'pony cake big enough for me to ride'. I saw all these American TV shows where people bake massive cakes and I just thought 'it can't be that hard'.

"I just make it up as I go along. But I'm pleased it's all over. Now I can get to sleep before midnight!"

The pony cake weighed in at a whopping 50kg and was constructed around a wooden frame which was then packed with sticky Rice Krispies moulded to form the legs, neck and head.

The body was then built up with several layers of sponge cake with blueberry flavoured cream filling, before the whole model was smothered in pink icing.

Emily was naturally delighted by her mum's efforts, saying: "I love it. It's even bigger than I imagined it would be!"

You don't say!